Typesetting and page layout is the process by which your written manuscript is turned into the correct format for a book. This includes font choices, constructing end pages, title pages, specifying page sizes, placing and formatting any pictures and all the technical elements of the book and generating a PDF output file that the printing company will use to print your finished book. We design all of our books to a professional standard and the author can change any elements they wish at any time. Revisions can be made until the author is happy with what will be their finished book. Here is an example of one of our finished page layouts.

Layout of The Primrose Boys by John McQueen


We can design the cover of your book using your ideas and input or provide you with a sample design. We can use bespoke artwork that you have commissioned from an artist or your own artwork can be used and included in your design should you wish. The cover will be worked on until you are happy with the end product.

This can seem to be a daunting part of publishing but we can lead you through all of the design elements of your cover which can be tailored to your needs. Here are just a few examples of covers that we have already produced.

A Bird in a Cage and a Tin of Paint by Christ Stewart Cover of A Parish History of St Peter's R.C. Cathedral, Lancaster Ingleton Falls by Mark Pickup and Andrew McQueen

There are many other elements in book design and production. Many companies include these as extras. My view is that they are not additional extras but essential design and production elements and as such should be included from the start.

  • Full page layout and typesetting
  • PDF copy of finished book
  • Book Cover and design
  • ISBN Barcode generated and printed on back cover
  • Amazon Listing
  • Legal Deposit
  • All rights to the book reserved by the Author