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This book contains the historical and emotional memories of my mother as she lived her life in the twentieth century in the Lancashire towns of Burnley and Lancaster. She wrote the story contained in this book towards the end of her life in handwritten form and it was lovingly transcribed for her by her much loved son David who wrote it out in neat handwriting. It tells the story of her parents lives as well as her own.

This book is an important part of my family’s historical memory. I also believe it is an important piece of social history recording as it does the memories of a difficult like in the North of England of one woman during the twentieth century.

Paperback, 88pp, Black and White, Size 234mm x 156mm

Quantity: @ £7.50 each     ISBN: 9780957337473


I first arrived in the South Lakeland village of Holme in June 2002. For many years I had dreamed of coming to live in a village like Holme – indeed Holme was my favourite of all the villages I had visited over many years exploring the rural areas around my home town of Lancaster. This book contains my memories of this South Lakeland village and its pub – the Smithy Inn. It is a tribute to the people of the village and the many colourful characters that inhabit it. There is something about the atmosphere of the village that attracted me to it and I discovered that many other newcomers to the village had similar feelings. Holme draws people to it like a magnet. They love it there and it is a real delight of a place.

Paperback, 58pp, Black and White, Size 234mm x 156mm

Quantity: @ £7.50 each     ISBN: 9780957337480


We are very pleased to present our first book by Chris Stewart, a new and exciting Author from Lancaster.

A Bird in a Cage and a Tin of Paint is the striking autobiography of a man who struggled as a non-diagnosed dyslexic learner while his mother suffered from a mental illness. This unfortunate combination led to a harrowing childhood dominated by cruelty and suffering.

Paperback, 272 pp, Size 234mm x 156mm

Quantity: @ £7.95 each     ISBN: 9780957337411


An Essential Photographic Guide

This book is an invaluable guide for anyone visiting the city of Lancaster. For a small city Lancaster has a wealth of history rivalling that of some of the greater cities in England. Its historical roots reach as far back as the Romans. Lancaster has been visibly transformed by its changing fortunes and industries throughout the ages. The mercantile wealth of the Georgians and philanthropists of the Industrial Revolution have all made their mark. The visitor only has to scratch the surface of this city to be rewarded with many varied and interesting stories.

Paperback, 64 pp, Full Colour, Size 216mm x 138mm

Quantity: @ £7.50 each     ISBN: 9780957337442


An Essential Photographic Walking Guide

This book is an invaluable guide for anyone looking for information and explanation of the geological scenery and wildlife as they admire the magnificent waterfalls of Ingleton on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. The simple and clear descriptions of the falls and the valleys in which they sit, coupled with superb photographic illustrations add an interest and an understanding to accompany the sublime beauty of these waterfalls.

Paperback, 48 pp, Full Colour, Size 216mm x 138mm

Quantity: @ £7.50 each     ISBN: 9780957337404


Several terraced streets made up the Primrose area of the Northern town of Lancaster where Johnny McQueen lived, and the boys who inhabited the area were known as the Primrose Boys. This is their story.

Paperback, 72 pp, Size 216mm x 138mm

Quantity: @ £7.50 each     ISBN: 9781910288009