We are currently running a programme working with children from schools to publish their own work. This a new and exciting project for us and we are pleased to present the work of the children of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School as our first proud group of young authors as an example.

A group of very proud year 6 children with their finished book.

A group of very proud year 6 children with their finished book.

“Thank you so much for dropping the books off today! It created such a buzz at school-amongst staff and children alike!! We will be selling it straight away. It really is the most wonderful book we really appreciate all the hard work you put into it. Thank You.”

Elizabeth Wolff, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

The books are paperbacks and have a full colour cover. Inside the children’s text is illustrated with black and white drawings by the children. Each book is 234mm (h) x 156mm (w). This is quite a large book which gives the children something substantial for their efforts. Each book is given an ISBN and a Barcode and produced to our high standard.

The books are affordable and do produce a profit all of which is determined and kept by your school. We produce an A2 poster for use by the school based on the winning cover design. We can also produce A3 posters to go with the book.

St Mary’s Catholic School held an exciting competition to design the front and back cover pictures with the winning designs being printed on the book. This generated much excitement and enthusiasm amongst the children and they produced a lot of very high quality work.

African Tails by St Mary's Catholic Primary School

The book is divided into class sections all based on a general theme in this case
Africa. This ranged from the reception children producing pictures for their story
to poetry by class 6 children.

A peek inside inside African Tails

A peek inside inside African Tails

Books can be up to 400 pages. We can make them longer but this increases the price and the size and weight of the book. In our St Mary’s example they produced a 128 page book and they had approx 160 children.

If you are interested in this service and would like more information please give us a call on 01524 844369.

Andrew McQueen